Weather Fairies

The Weather Fairies

Fairyland is all mixed up.

Fairyland is home to the seven Weather Fairies. They use magical feathers to bring all of the weather to Fairyland. But when the feathers disappear, the weather turns wacky. The Weather Fairies must fix it — fast!


Crystal the Snow Fairy

Crystal the Snow Fairy has lost her magic feather. Now it’s snowing in summer! Can Kirsty and Rachel help her get it back?

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Abigail the Breeze Fairy

Abigail the Breeze Fairy's magic feather is missing. Suddenly, the Summer Festival turns into a windy mess! Will the gusts ever stop?

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Pearl the Cloud Fairy

Pearl the Cloud Fairy's magic feather is missing. Is that why everyone in Wetherbury is suddenly feeling gloomy? Kirsty and Rachel need to come to the rescue!

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Goldie the Sunshine Fairy

Goldie the Sunshine Fairy's magic feather has disappeared. Now Wetherbury is so hot and sunny that the cornfields are turning into popcorn. What a mess!

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Evie the Mist Fairy

Wetherbury is all fogged up. No one can see where they’re going! Could Evie the Mist Fairy's magic feather be to blame?

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Storm the Lightning Fairy

A loose lightning bolt could cause terrible trouble in Wetherbury! Can Storm the Lightning Fairy find her magic feather and get things under control — before it's too late?

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Hayley the Rain Fairy

Rachel and Kirsty only have one magic feather left to find, and it belongs to Hayley the Rain Fairy. But with a flood underway, how will they ever reach it?

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