Natalie the Christmas Stocking Fairy

Its Christmas time and Rachel and Kirsty are getting ready by making some delicious Christmas mince pie treats for their family.

Every year naughty Jack Frost never gets anything in his Christmas stocking, so this year he's decided nobody else will either! Jack and his goblins steal Natalie the Christmas Stocking Fairy's three magical items which make Christmas extra magical for everyone!

Can Kirsty and Rachel find the precious items in time to keep Christmas magical for children all over the world?

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Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy

Gabriella the Snow Kingdom Fairy loves the magic of winter! She wraps up warm in a smart blue coat with red piped trim and also wears a trendy red and purple striped dress, complete with a cosy pair of ear muffs and snow boots.

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Chrissie the Wish Fairy

Each year Chrissie the Wish Fairy hides her magical objects in the human world - objects that make sure everyone's Christmas wishes come true. But this year Jack Frost is desperate to find them and spoil Christmas for everyone. Chrissie needs Rachel and Kirsty's help, fast!

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Holly the Christmas Fairy

No more Christmas?

There's trouble in Fairyland again! Jack Frost is up to his old tricks. This time, he has stolen Santa's sleigh. There were three special gifts onboard. Without them, Christmas could be ruined!

Will the sparkle be gone from this magical holiday forever? Or can Rachel and Kirsty save the day, with a little help from Holly the Christmas Fairy?

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Stella the Star Fairy

Stella the Star Fairy can’t keep Christmas bright and shiny without her three magical tree decorations. Can Kristy and Rachel help her get them back to the fairy tree by Christmas Eve, or will the season be ruined for everyone?

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Paige the Pantomime Fairy

Paige the Pantomime Fairy needs three magic shoes to keep every panto full of Christmas fun and sparkle! But Jack Frost wants the ballet shoe, golden horseshoe and glass slipper for himself. The show must go on…so can Rachel and Kirsty help?

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